Great logo qualities - Essential & important

Great Logo Qualities Essential & Important

Today I am going to discuss about the Great logos – what are they? What are the essential great logo qualities design. What characteristics make a logo great and impactful.

Humans in the past when uncivilized were enlightened enough to recognize and ascertain various symbols and signs for conveying messages and ideas to one another.  This nature of mankind is still prevailing like a habit that works as a tradition to symbolize everything around when letters, characters and words can’t express the inner feelings, emotions, moods and spirits.

The above paragraph explains why logo is unavoidable, inevitable and obvious; because it is inherited from generations to generations. Now after knowing about the need of a logo, let us move forward to know about the significance and importance of logo.

Great logo qualities - Essential & important

Great logo qualities – Essential & important

Logo is an identification and representation of your business, services or trade whatsoever. Logo, as an example can be taken as the Title cover of a book, cloth for a man, Trailer of a movie, Introductory Tone of a radio program and similar like these. In all of above examples one thing is identical, whatever is going to happen or is expected to come is dependent on what is shown earlier.  Like you can’t expect to have a blockbuster movie when your trailer is just seen by number of persons even less than the no of persons worked in cast of the movie. Similarly you can’t expect to have thousands of sales for your rhyme book when your cover book is boring, tedious and dull.

So keeping in view of above, you must be very fussy and choosy while selecting the logo of your company. Different distinctive, describable yet simple images, icons, marks or symbols are combined in an illustrative manner to device a logo.

Logos are made to identify your business, trade and services. A user after seeing your logo must get connected immediately with your brand. Logos can be regarded as an elevator pitch for your business clients and partners. In a nutshell logo designing is a process of creating symbols that endures.

Not everyone that know how to use a pen or a postcard color can create logos that matter; although logo can be made by everyone but logo that matters needs inspiration, creativity,  originality and vision.

So I will not further test your patience by standing in the way of points regarding characteristics of a good logo design.

Simplicity is one among great logo qualities

Do make a simple design but don’t opt a dull or boring idea.

In the coming paragraphs you will find that logo must be having a theme, but mostly graphic designers make a mistake on this; they overwork in order to a make a great logo with their themes and end off with a logo which is complicated enough that a common man can’t understand the curves and lines of that logo.

Therefore, basic great logo qualities makes you think like a common lay man. Use symbols and icons that are prevailing in the society. You don’t have to think like a great artist, don’t overdo and brainstorm un-necessarily. Just keep the things straight and simple.

Simplicity is very important point to remember in order to a have a great logo design that is impactfull and illustrative.

After designing the logo; ask from yourself questions like; Will a common man be able to describe my business after seeing my logo?

Distinctive and Original – A must to remember for a great logo qualities

Though one says very often that inspiration is the first step towards creativity; but you must not be over-inspired from some idea, shape or design that your own instinctive ideas get buried underneath. An impactful and a great logo design must be having quality of unique in appearance and by virtue of this must stand your brand among your crowded competitors.

There is a very famous local story of a man who tries to sound like a sparrow and in the long run forget how to speak.  So you must not be like this. If you will get jealous of your competitors enough you will make your logo similar to theirs which will result in difficulty among your clients in finding and identifying your business.

At the end you must ask yourself some questions like, Is my design original or distinctive? Will it be able to stand among my competitors?

Describable and Relevant

This must be the first among the great logo qualities essential & important – Why? Because it is the soul of the parameters and qualities.  All the lines, circles, arcs, shapes and text you would draw must be in relevance to your business and trade. Like it is good to have a Jockerman Font for a company selling kids toys and products; but you can’t use this font style for your logo of auto spare parts because the customer will be laughing at you then.

At the end; you must ask yourself questions like; Are the graphics I have used in my logo relevant to my business and trade? Are the fonts I have used support my nature of business?

Versatile and scalable

Branding does not just mean to have a logo; branding includes many other graphics like have a ballpoint engraved with your logo and a message, have a letter head with your company logo name, address and contact details, visiting cards, a calendar, a t-shirt, a P-cap for your employees etc. So because a good logo is a first step in branding – you must be very vigilant in deciding the design of the logo; it must be scalable and versatile that it can be used in any color and in any shade and in any size as desired by the product. A famous graphic designer once said that you must design a logo which can be placed on a 100 liters oil tank at one side and on a narrow ballpoint stick on the other side.

At the end you must ask questions like: Is my logo scalable? Is it able to be used on a dark theme or a light theme or both?

Memorable and Impactful

One of a basic requirement of a great logo design qualities is that it must be following some theme or subject of your business. The great logo must have quality that it must be iconic in nature that can invoke emotions in the viewer because it is then only the logo will be remembered for years.

You can use icons or clip-arts in your logos to make it relevant to your business and trade; but don’t overwork in this regard. Take an example of McDonalds that can take the logo of any Burger shape icon but instead of complicating the thing have use a very appealing and delightful ‘M’ as the icon and trademark.

At the end you must ask yourself questions like; what impact my logo would have on my customer? Is this logo a memorable one or not? Is it impactful or not?


It is a very important great logo quality. If ever a single line or so is visible that is detachable from your logo than your logo is unfortunately designed in a hurry and is having a lack of planning or an illustrative design. I have come across dozens of such logos and icons where not even a single line is coherent and rational with the idea and theme.

You can take your logo as your tweet of few words; you have a limited area where you need to design the future of your life. So take every single line or shape seriously and do lots of homework prior to sketching a line from north to south despite of the fact that your business is in east.

At the end you must ask yourself; are the lines, text and other stuff is coherent and cohesive in nature?

Enduring and Timeless

Changing your logo for a company is like changing your name when you are already 42 years old? Ahh!! So if you don’t want to taste that chilling effects after the age you can’t resist such a shock and to save yourself from a sudden death – you must avoid trendy images or icons and must opt traditional and customary designs.

At the end you must ask yourself questions like? Is my logo a timeless and a long lasting one? Am I using a trendy image in my logo? Am I going for a traditional theme or a trendy theme?



You know most of the television programs are planned and broadcasted depending on the requirement of the viewers to get a fast track rating instead of following the rules, regulations and bylaws. So this logo designing process is no more a different. You must know your audience prior sketching even single line. You must take care of the audience’s requirements and their needs, then you would try to make a link or relate their requirements with your products or trade and how best you relate the two is a defining point for your success or failure.

At the end you must question yourself; Am I knowing my customers? Is this logo suits best with my majority target audience? Do I know the basic requirement of my customer and how my business is related to it? Is this logo a relevant and relating factor?


From Editor’s Desk

Designing a logo that is impactful, influential and by all means GREAT in an illustrative manner is not a difficult task. You only have to focus on very basics, don’t over-think about your competitors and rivals, just be yourselves and say KISS to your graphic designer – where KISS means Keep it simple stupid, lolz.

Happy Graphic Designing, Happy Logo Designing !!! – Great Logo  Qualities Essential & important

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